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Plz solve this for the A. B, C. & E for the following the acid NOCI and the residual salt formed at 'orms white fumes are when a gas is inverted over a jar of ammonia gas. In the fountain exB•riment demonstrate the high solubility of HCI gas in water, dry HCI gas is filled Iron shfi•ts are Cleaned with hvdroehloric acid before dipping into molten zinc for galvanizing. Hvdn•gen chloride gas fumes in moist air but hydrogen sulphide gas does not. Complete the statements given below using the correct wor•Vs loqua fortis / muriatic acid / oil Of vitriol I An aquem•us solution Oi is named The salt obtained when rock salt reacts with conc. H2S04 at temFratures below is a/ an lacid / normall salt- In the preparation acid from gas, a funnel arrangement provides [less / morel surface• area for absorption Of the gas. I-he ions which impart acidic properties to an aqueous solution of hvdrogen chloride are (chloride / hydrogen / hydroniuml The indicator which dcx•s not change colour on passage of hydrogen chloride gas is Imoist blue litmus / phenolphthalein / methyl orange)

The solution is as follows:

Answer 3:

1. Aqua fortis

2. Acid salt

3. more

4. hydronium

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