Plz tell fast, as tomorrow I am having this ch test. Ch - Urban Local self government. Sub - History. Query - given below

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With regard to the composition of the municipalities, all the members of municipalities shall be directly elected by the people. Apart from the seats that are filled by the direct elections, there are some other seats in municipalities which are filled by a process of nomination of those persons who have special knowledge and practical experience in municipal administration. The persons who are nominated to municipalities will not have the right to vote in the meetings conducted by the municipalities. The people with such experience in municipal administration are nominated to municipalities in order to tender advice to the members of the municipalities regarding the general administration and policies that are to be adopted for the better development of the municipalities.


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Composition of Municipalities
Besides the seats filled by direct elections, some seats may be filled by nomination of persons having special knowledge and experience in municipal administration. Persons so nominated shall not have the right to vote in the meetings of the municipality.

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