Plz tell me question no 8.

Plz tell me question no 8. the Cash )ecember , 000 and edited in and Rs. J an u ary i interest Avere no 14. that on sh book the cash bank sh book nd duly 10t been casll or The bank has credited Mr. Htmanshu for Rs. 700 as Cheques for Rs. 3000 were issued during the month of Were not presented d Balance as per cash book Rs. 3,300). urtng the month From the following particulars prepare a bank r showing the balance as per cash book December 31, 2005 cheques of Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 2005 but were not credited by the bank in the month of December (b) A cheque of Rs. 800 Which was received from a customer was entered in the bank column of the cash book in December 20@4 but was omitted Cheques for Rs. 10.000 were -issued into bank in January 2005 not credited by the bank on [jéöérilber 31. 2005. (d) Interest on in_vestment Rs. 1,000 Q)llected by bank in passbook. Balance as per Passbook was Rs. 50,000 (Ans.' Balance as per cash book Rs. 47,800) 8. Balance as per passbook of Mr. Kumar is 3,000. (a) Cheque paid into bank but not yet cleared Ram Kumar Rs. 1.000 Kishore Kumar Rs. 500 (b) Bank Charges Rs. 300 (c) Cheque issued but not presented Hameed Rs. 2.000 Kapoor Rs. 500 (d) Interest entered in the passbook but not entered in the cash Prepare a bank reconciliation statement. (An-S.' Balance as per cash book Rs. 2,200). 9' The passbook of Mr. MOhit current account showed a credit Balance Rs• 20,000 on dated December 31 , 2005. Prepare a Bank Reconc:natm (i) A cheque of Rs. 400 drawn on his saving account has been 25 (iO He issued two cheques of RS. 300 and RS. 500 on December 25. but in the only the I't cheque was presen (iii) One cheque issued by Mr. MOhit of KS. on ed not presented for payment whereas 18,900). book. cash book KS. ('Ans: Bal

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