Plz tell the poem tale of custard and the dragon is important poem or not ???

Dear Student,

The poem 'The tale of Custard and the Dragon' is important as it has a valuable moral that we must never judge anyone without getting to know him well. Outward appearance may be deceptive and may not give the real picture of one's quality or behaviour.


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Yes it is important poem important things in that poem is:-
1) Theme of the poem- outward appearance may be deceptive outward appearance does not give the real picture of one's quality or behaviour
2) Appearance of custard(the dragon):- he had sharp teeth he had just Spikes on his body mouth was like a fireplace nose like a Chimney to use like a dagger
3) Characters in the poem:-
black kitten-ink
Grey Mouse:- Bling
yellow dog:- mustard
Dragon :- custard
This poem gives the message that barking dogs seldom bite those who boast on their bravery are really brave all the brave where is scared and ran away at the site of pirate expect custard who said he was the coward but proud to be the bravest.
Hope this will help you
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Yes, it is indeed important.
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