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.plzz and this question Table 13.1 : Musical Instruments and their Vibrating Parts S. No. Musical Vibrating Part Instrumen Producing Sound 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Veena Tabla Flute Stretched string Stretched membrane Air-column ct he ut Many of you might have seen the maqjira (cymbals), the ghatam, and the noot (mudpots) and the kartal. These instruments are commonly used in many parts of our country. These musical instruments are simply beaten or. struck. Can you name a few other musical instruments of this type? You too can make a musica instrument.

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What is your question? From text/ picture you posted is unclear

If it is about musical instruments and their vibrating parts then answer is given below
  1. Mridangam - Stretched Membrane
  2. Guitar - Stretched String
  3. Violin - Stretched String
  4. Veena - Stretched String
  5. Sitar - Stretched String
  6. Grand Piano - Stretched String
  7. Cello - Stretched String
  8. Banjo - Stretched String
  9. Harp - Stretched String
  10. Oboe - Air Column
  11. Clarinet - Air Column
  12. English Horn - Air Column
  13. Trumpet - Air Column
  14. Trombone - Air Column
  15. Tuba - Air Column
  16. Flute - Air Column
  17. Piccolo - Air Column
  18. Recorder - Air Column
  19. Ocarina - Air Column
  20. Saxophone - Air Column
If you are asking about musical instrument that are beaten or struck to produce sound then answer is Jal tarang.


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