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plzz ans thiss Fill in the blanks using correct forms of verbs given in the brackets:- 4 y a senior offcer of the police (discuss) security measures. He c ( hold) a meeting with the residents of the area and es if taken ( suggest) some me ( enquire) it ( can) make their houses secure. In the meeting the residen ( be) possible for the police to register a few s urity agencies who (can) provide trained security guards to them. He (agree) to their proposal. Rearrange the foUosving words to form meaningful sentences: I / ed / / to Section D (Literature) 0 Read the following extract and answer the following questions:- And who art thou? Said I to the soft falling shower, Which strange to tell .gave m • . as here translated: 2

Dear Student,

a) held
b) discussed 
c) suggested 
d) could
e) enquired 
f) is
g) can
h) agreed


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