Plzz answer fastt

Plzz answer fastt WWF (World Write a notice about an exhibition beiog Organised by the Wide Fund for nature) for creating Syareness about environment all Over the glob. you are the principal of your institute inform the students not to take leave day unless it is urgent. 3 . Rearrange the following words to makemeaningful l. Ship violently the storm rocked the. 2. Gift free a Dad offered firm by the wa;. 3, Cave could explore not they torch the without a 4. The storrn shed damaged the was during. 4 . Complete the followinig sentences using appropriate (mucWmany) Our garden looks awful this summer. There are too .......... knowledge is a dangerous thing. (little, a little, the little) ney say c. am having trouble passing my driving exam. (lot of/a lot OD , people can afford a home these days. (few/little) Section — C [Literature) I Read the following stanza of the poem me answer the question giver

Dear Student,
Following are the answers to Q 4:
a. many.
b. a little
c. a lot of
d. Few
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