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Plzz find it (a) a metallic hydroxide soluble in excess of NH40H. (b) a metallic oxide soluble in excess of caustic soda solution. (c) a strong alkali. (d) a weak alkali. (e) two colourless metal ions. (f) two coloured metal ions. (g) a metal that evolves a gas which bums with a pop sound when boiled with alkali solutions. (h) two bases which are not alkalis but dissolve in strong (i) a coloured metallic oxide which dissolves in alkalis to yield colourless solutions. (j) a colourless cation not a representative element.

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2. A metal oxide which is soluble in excess of caustic soda is aluminium oxide (Al2O3).
          Al2O3 (s) + 2NaOH (aq)  + 3H2O (l) → 2Na[Al(OH)4] (aq)

3.  a strong alkali is NaOH

4.  A weak alkali is Ba(OH)2

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           (a) Lead hydroxide [ Pb(OH)2 ]

          (b) Zinc oxide [ ZnO ]

          (c) Potassium hydroxide [KOH ]

         (d) Ammonium hydroxide [ NH4OH ]

         (e) (1) Potassium ion [ K]  (2) Sodium ion [ Na+ ]

         (f) (1) Cupric (Blue) [ Cu2+ ]    (2) Ferric (yellow) [ Fe3+ ]

         (g) Metal is Zinc [Zn ]

         (h) Two bases are ZnO and PbO

         (i) Lead monoxide [ PbO ] yellow

         (j) Lead dioxide [ PbO2 ]

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