plzz give answer for the 4th and 5th question

plzz give answer for the 4th and 5th question What is the probability that the point is inside shaded portion? b) Find the probability that the point is outside the shaded region? scores of 8 students in an examination are given below 46, 23, 12, 63, 17, 28, 72, 65 Find the median of scores? 4) Sides of quadrilateral ABCD are parallel to the axes. A(-3,2) and are two vertices. a) Find the coordinates of B and D b) Write the coordinates of any two points where the sides cuts the axes Answer any five questions from 5 to II. Each question carries 3 scores 5) In the figure, Ois the centre of the circle and ZOQR=400 a) Find the measure of ZQOR ? b) Find ZP? c) Calculate ZQSR?

Answer for 5th question :
a)   angle ORQ = 40degree [angle opp. to equal sides of triangle]
      angle QOR = 180-(40+40)= 100 [Angle sum property of triangle]
b)    angle P= 50degree 
c)     angle QSR= 120degree [opp. angle of a quadrilateral are supplementary]
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5 a) angle QOR = 180- (OQR + ORQ) = 180- (40+40)            ( In tri QOR, OQ= OR therefore angle ORQ= angle OQR= 40)
                                                                    = 180-80
                                                                    = 100

b) QOR= 2QPR (angle subtended by chord QR)
therefore QPR= QOR/2= 100/2= 50
c) QSR+ QPR= 180 (opposite angles of cyclic quadrilateral SQPR are supplementary)
i.e QSR= 180-QPR= 180-50= 130
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a.100 b. 50 c. 120
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hi from kasargod

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