plzz give examples in which compleately filled orbitals participate in hybridisation

Fully filled orbitals participating in hybridisation-
1) XeF2
​Xenon is a noble element with fully filled orbitals (5s25p6) in ground state. Now in excited state one electron from 5p gets excited to 5d orbital. Then hybridisation takes place to give 5 sp3d orbitals which are of equivalent energy. After that fluorine atoms forms bond with xenon. Now 2 bond pairs and 3 lone pairs give rise to trigonal bipyramidal geometry which is most stable in terms of repulsion.

Similary in XeF4 which involves sp3d2 hybridisation giving rise to octahedral geometry and in XeF6 which involves sp3d3 hybridisation giving rise to distorted octahedral geometry, there is involvement of fully filled orbitals in hybridisation.

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