Plzz give me solvetion

Dear Student,

The correct answers are given below-
1. By- This gift was given to me by my mother.
Buy- I want to buy some flowers.
2. Cot- The baby is sleeping in the cot.
Caught- The police caught the thief.
3. Deer- We saw a deer in the park.
Dear- This book is very dear to me.
4. Ear- My ear is ringing.
Year- 2020 is going to be a good year!
5. Maid- Zelda is our new maid.
Made- Kavya made some chicken curry.
6. Sight- It was love at first sight for us!
Site- This is the proposed site for the dam.
7. Meet- He is going to meet his boss.
Meat- My mother doesn't eat meat.
8. Knot- I have knotted the scarf loosely.
Not- Do not touch the cake!
9. Right- I am always right!
Wright- The wright is coming to fix our door.
10. Seen- She has already seen this movie.
Scene- The wedding scene in the movie made Julie cry.
11. Weak- The dog has become old and weak.
Week- I am going to Goa next week.
12. Weight- Rohan has put on so much weight.
Wait- We should wait for Farhan.



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1 buy
2 coat
12 wait
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