Plzz rectify this fast

Plzz rectify this fast pass the rectification entries for the following transactions: (i) An amount oft 2,000 received from Mohan on 1st April, 2013 had been entered in the Cash Book as having been received on 31st March, 2013. (iO The balance in the account of Mr. Rahim 1,000 had been written off as bad but no other account has been debited. (iii) An addition in the Returns Inward Book had been cast 100 short. (iv) A cheque for 200 drawn for the Petty Cash Account has been posted in the account of Asif. (v) A cheque of 150 received from Sharad has been dishonoured and debited in the Discount Account. (vo Ramesh's Account was credited with 840 twice instead of once. e Trial Balance of M/s. Gupta and Sons shows a difference of 52,200. To prepare the •nal Account on 31st March, 2009, this difference is placed in a Suspense ACTOunt. v them e necessary

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