Plzz solve 5.(c)..pls solve fast..

Plzz solve 5.(c)..pls solve fast.. tn figure (J) given tx•Jow, is a parallelogram with perirneter 40. tajues ot and (b) In figure (2) given below, ADCO is a parallelogram Find the values (c) In figure (3) given tx•low, AWO is a rhombus Find x and y. (3) dugonals AC and BD of a rectangle ABCD intersect each othe "ARD find

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AB=AD   (Since all sides of a rhombus are equal)3x+2=4x-44x-3x=2+4x=6In ABD,ABD=ADB (Base angles of isosceles triangles is equal since AB=AD)BAD+ADB+ABD=180°  (Angle sum property of triangle)60°+2ABD=180°ABD=60°,Also ADB=60°Now triangle ADB is an equilateral triangle,AB=DB3(6)+2=y-120+1=yy=21


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