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(b)The diagram alongside demonstrates 
the nature of four leaves at the end of a 
physiological experiment which were more 
or less similar in size and shape at the 
beginning of the experiment. Observe the 
leaves carefully and answer the questions. 
(i) Why is leaf A more intact compared 
to rest of the leaves ? 
(ii) Why do we observe maximum 
wilting in leaf D ? 
(iii) Why leaf C wilts more than leaf B ? 

Dear student.

i. Leaf A is more intact as vaseline is applied on both the surface of leaf, as a result of which stomata gets covered and transpiration stops. This prevents loss of water vapour and the moisture of the leaf retain for sometimes.

ii. Maximum wilting is observed in leaf D, as nothing was applied on leaf. This causes loss of water and moisture by means of transpiration, which leads to wilting. â€‹Wilting the loss of rigidity in some soft parts of the plant caused by excessive loss of water.

Dorsal is the backside and ventral is front side of the leaf. As vaseline was applied on dorsal surface in Leaf C, we know sunlight directly falls on the surface, this will cause traspiration at a faster rate as compared to the leaf B, where vaseline was applied on ventral surface. Thus leaf C wilts more as compared to leaf B.



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