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Plzzz ans plzzzz 6. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect words and the correction against the blank numiwr in your answersheet- The first one has been done ror you as an example. to lots for restaurants and they have all to Eking friendly places. nrat•s why tn a r.«ent Monday night. I stopp•d at one to a cup of coff&, am returning home after an all day trip and nee&d «»rnethang to help me travel the Last 45 Incorrect for (1 x 4 4 marks) or 7. 8. Correct errors in the following sentences and rewrite the mrrect —ntenees : (i x 4 • 4 marks) The cunel has thousands I can adapt u•.th in mountains. Can you gave me an advice ? Eather he are m.sta.&n. Rearrange the words or phrases given to make meaningful —ntenees. x 2 2 marks) theyhn tho hatL.•forÄwo

INCORRECT              correct
   being                         be
     a                               the
     to                               for
      an                               a

1. the camel has been used for thousands of years
2. i can not adapt to a life in mountains
4. either you or him is mistaken

they had been watching television for 2 hours in the hall 
may blessings be showered on you all

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