plzzz give some ideas for the story

plzzz give some ideas for the story OR I was driving fast. As I hit the main road I Saw an upturned motorbike an a man lying beside it. I decided to help but the thought Of my grumpy bos and a prefixed business meeting

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- But the thought of my grumpy boss and a prefixed meeting made me hesitate.
- Deciding against my better judgement, I whirred past the injured man.
- But, I could not go more than half a kilometer.
- Guilt racked at me and I turned promptly to help the man lying on the road.
- I heard the man crying for help as I reached the site of the accident.
- Immediately, I pulled up close to him, went near him and assessed his injuries.
- Gently, I made him sit with his back against my car.
- He happened to be a young man of about twenty years of age and told me that the bike had skidded as he had taken a sharp turn.
- I helped him into my car as he was limping badly and took him to the nearest hospital.
- I was in for a shock when he gave me his father's number to contact and inform him of the accident: it was the phone number of my boss!

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