Plzzz tell question no 7-b c d part..

Plzzz tell question no 7-b c d part.. (d' is the nuwhanical u'vantage Of the Syston Ans. (b) S m (e) S (d) 5 A pulley system has a velocity ratio and efficiency of d i agr-Nn Of this pulley Calculate (a) the advantage Of system. (b) the effort required to raiæ a of N Ans. (a) 24. (b) N 7. Fig. 3.33 shows a system of fm.r pulleys. The upper pulleys fixed the lower two are moutble. (a) Draw a string Mound the pulleys. Also show the point of and direction in which the effort is applied (b) What is the velocity ratio of the system ? (c) How are load and effort of the pulley system related (d) What assumption do you make in arriving at your answer in pall Fig. • Ans. (b) 4 (c) load 4 x effort Assumption: (l) There is no friction in the pulley bearings, (2) Weight Of lower block Of pulleys is negligible, (3) The effort is applied down w ards.

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