Plzzzz solve following questions ...

Plzzzz solve following questions ... Complete the following. •Nitrogen Cycle -conversion ofNitrogen into itroges and nitrotes elease ofammonia through decompostion of dead bodies. and excenory waste. Nitrification Denitrification

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In the atmosphere the percentage of nitrogen is 78%. Nitrogen in the gaseous form cannot be absorbed by the plants. So, certain bacteris will convert nitrogen into usable form for plants and animals and this process is called nitrogen cycle.
NITROGEN CYCLE GIVEN ABOVE WILL AS: Nitrogen fixation is the process by which nitrogen is converted into ammonia ammonium.
1. Nitrosomonas bacteria will convert nitrogen into nitrites and nitrates.
N2   NO2-   NO3- 
2. Ammonification is the process by which ammonia is released through decomposition of dead bodies and excetory waste.
3.  Nitrification - It is the process in which ammonia is converted into nitrates 
NH3   NO3-
4. Denitrification - It is the process in which nitrates again converted back to nitrogen gas. 
NO3-  NH3   N2



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