Poets and pancakees questions answer

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Ans1. The writer referred the term 'the fiery misery' for the artists who worked in uncomfortable condition. The make up room looked like a hair cutting salon with incandescent lights at all the angles and around half a dozen large mirrors.The artists would feel the heat produced from these lights.

Ans2. The make up department of the Gemini Studios was an example of the national integration ,because people from different regions worked together. The department was headed by a Bengali who was succeeded by a Maharashtrian who was further assisted by a Dharwar Kannadiga, an Andhra, a Madras Indian Christian,an Anglo Burmese and the local tamils .

Ans3. The office boy was responsible for the make up of the people who were part of the crowd in the film. He used to mix his paint in a giant vessel and slapped the paint on the faces of crowd artists. He joined the studio years ago with a dream of becoming a star actor or a top screen writer, director or lyrics writer.He was disappointed because his talent was not recognised by the Gemini Studios and he did not get work relevant to his talent.

Ans4. The duty of the author was to cut the newspaper clippings on a wide variety of subjects and store them in files. People used to see him tearing up newspapers all the day and they thought that he was doing nothing .


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