Poets have great power of imagination. Robert frost also explains his imagination very well and proves that sometimes the bad symbols change into a boon. Discuss.

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The poem 'Dust of Snow' is about how Frost 's outlook on life changes due to some dramatic event/incident. 'Shook down on me, The Dust of Snow' represent the trigger in his life which made him have a positive view on life.  The 'Crow' represent depression in this poem and the 'snow ' purity, also 'hemlock tree ' is a venomous tree. So, what Frost is trying to portray is that a bad event has resulted in a positive outcome  The poem has a positive note that shows that a very small event in life has the capacity to change one's sad mood into a happy one.  The poet speaks about abounding possibilities contained in everything around us--of the never ending inspiration which lies hidden or manifest in the environment--provided we keep our eyes and heart open to receive this inspiration and improve our lives to make it beautiful.
The theme of the poem is very significant because it tells us how to take the opportunities that come our way without wasting time brooding over the past. Sometimes we face failure but if we brood over it and become upset, then we waste valuable time that could be used in preparation for our next test. The poet had been sitting under a hemlock tree wasting a lovely day because he was upset about something, but when a crow shook some dust of snow on him, he felt happy again and looked at things in a new light.  


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