Police credit card statement showed that she owed rupees 3500 .She paid of rupees 2000. using her credit card she spent rupees 540 on petrol and rupees150 at the book store. for an earlier transaction she received a refund of rupees 735 from a shop.what is the amount due to clear the credit card payment?

Dear Student,
Here is the solution of your asked query:

Total amount of money owed as per credit card statement =  Rs.3500
Amount of money paid= Rs.2000
So amount of money left to clear the payment= Rs.3500-Rs.2000 =  Rs.1500
Amount of money spent on petrol = Rs.540
Amount of money spent at book store = Rs.150
Then total amount of money due = Rs.1500 + 540 + 150 = Rs.2190
Amount of money received as a refund = Rs.735
Therefore total amount of money due to clear the credit card payment = Rs.2190 -  Rs.735 = Rs.1455


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