political life of einstein in chapter a truly beautiful mind

Albert Einstein's entry in politics happened quite late and was majorly effected by his high status in the scientific studies. He was often asked for his opinions regarding political matters. However, one can see the development of Einstein's political views from a very early stage of his life. He hated his school's regimentation in Munich and felt more at ease at the comparatively liberal school in Switzerland. Thus, he was against fascism and any kind of hierarchical authority. The fear of the Nazis creating an atom bomb triggered Einstein with some urging to write a letter to the President of America regarding the matter. However, when he saw the destruction caused in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he became an upholder of peace. He wrote to the UN regarding the same and proposed the formation of a world government for the betterment of all and for keeping a check on any such possible future destruction schemes. He was strongly against development of such lethal arms and tried to spread awareness and gain support for his opposition to the arms buildup by using his popularity.He desired the formation of a world democracy and  passionately campaigned for it. His political ideas were usually inclined towards social good.

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