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Aish Anand , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 3/2/13

"poverty is a curse upon humanity".explain?

Sid Ginger , added an answer, on 7/2/13
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 For individuals, poverty is a nightmare. It is a vicious circle of poor

health, reduced working capacity, low productivity and shortened life expectancy. For families, poverty is a trap. It leads to inadequate schooling, low
skills, insecure income, early parenthood, ill health and an early death. For
societies, poverty is a curse. It hinders growth, fuels instability, and keeps
poor countries from advancing on the path to sustainable development
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Tanya Rana , added an answer, on 6/1/16
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poverty is not a curse it is a man made in India
poverty is cause due to heavy population ,population increase the unemployment which cause the mass poverty
The phenomina poverty states that if a person is not able to meat the demands of day to day life it is calculated in to way
1) absolute poverty
2) relative poverty
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Rashanth , added an answer, on 14/3/16
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Look into the textbook u will get the answer. These are not proper answers
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Shreet , added an answer, on 7/3/17
a question!
"the cooperatives are also playing an important role in food security in the southwestern part of india"explain
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Anushka Dixit , added an answer, on 16/2/17
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view it in the textbook
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Tejas Kumar , added an answer, on 16/1/17
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Everyone talks about poverty and there are numerous suggestions to alleviate poverty. Governments all over the world have taken up several social programs or reforms that are aimed at improving the conditions of the poor. Unfortunately, in spite of these social programs, the conditions of the poor have not changed substantially. One of the authors who has made an in-depth analysis of the causes of poverty points out that failure of the programs is basically because of certain poverty myths.

The poor are not oppressed:
The author points out that many governments and even social organizations feel that poor cannot work because they are oppressed. However, the author feels it is one of the poverty myths because, in many cases, the poor do not work as they are either paid or given free meals from the government or other agencies.

The author makes further analysis about the myths that surround poverty and points out:

  • Sometimes poverty is glorified by highlighting the lazy poor which do not work. Unfortunately, the poor who work and earn their bread are not interviewed. Similarly, the experiences of the poor that have worked hard and got off poverty are rarely published.
  • There are also instances where public servants, insurance or banking companies and various other organizations have been abused by the poor. The author suggests, such issues should be addressed so that the erring poor are put on the corrective mode.
  • Interestingly, studies have shown that more than 50% of these lower class people have availed the benefits under the social program initiated by the government or and local bodies. Naturally, these people should be excluded from the poverty line. However, many governments show even these beneficiaries as people afflicted by poverty.Some interesting facts:
    Interestingly again, the studies have shown that while many poor people say there are no jobs for them, but poor among immigrants manage to get a job. Similarly, poor claim there are no educational opportunities for them; but poor immigrants get reasonably good education. The native English speaking poor feel they cannot get along with the society; but the poor immigrant with his/her little knowledge of English language are able to manage their affairs very effectively.


    All these point out that the question of alleviating the poverty has not been addressed in its right perspective. A closer look at the whole gamut of poverty should be undertaken, which would help the poor people to come out of poverty.

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Mahtab , added an answer, on 7/1/15
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Shreet , added an answer, on 7/3/17
how has the soil influence the vegetation cover of india?
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