Predict the polarity of the capacitor in the situation described and pls explain the answer

We know, the magnetic field lines starts from North and terminates at south pole of the magnet. So, here when we move the first magnet in the given direction i.e. right then we see that, the magnetic flux through the capacitor increases in the right direction and the same is done by the other magnet as the field lines enter the South pole. 

We know that according to the Lenz' law, the current is induced such that it opposes the change in magnetic field lines passing through a surface. So, here in order to oppose the increasing magnetic flux in the right direction the current is induced in a manner that by applying the right hand thumb rule, we get the direction of force in the left direction and that is anti-clockwise and so is the polarity of the capacitor. therefore, the polarity of the capacitor is B to A.

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