predict the products of electrolysis of aqueous solution of CuCl2 using Pt electrodes

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In solution:   CuCl2 (s) -----> Cu2+ + 2Cl-

                     H2O ----> H+ + OH-

At Cathode: Cu2+ + 2e- ----->  Cu(s)

At Anode: 2Cl-  -----> Cl2 + 2e-

Therefore, Cu is deposited at cathode and Cl2 gas is evolved at anode.

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reaction in solution :
cucl2 (s) -------> cu2+  + 2 cl-
H2O --------> H+  + OH -

reaction at cathode :
Cu2+  + 2e- -------> Cu (s)

at anode :
2Cl- -----> Cl2  +2 e-

hence Cu will deposit at cathode and Cl2 gas will generate at anode .
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