prepare a project on "living environment vs health"

a project on " environmental awareness among different social stratas"

A project on living environment and health can be made taking examples from real life. I have understood the meaning of “living environment” here as the environment or surroundings where we live.

So, there is a direct relation between the quality of environment in which we live and the quality of live we have. If the quality of living environment falls the quality of life falls. Now, to make a project on the topic you can go about the following points:

Introduction: Like any other projects, I suggest Introduction as the very first step of the project. Talk about some empirical examples through which you can tell how the living env. affects health.

Secondly, explain the simple plain logic behind why the low quality environment leads to bad health of agents.

Next, you can also explain that how the “low quality” environment doesn’t only include dirty surroundings, there are various social, political, economical factors which affect our health.

Further you can take your explanation to national level, Talk about living environment of India in general,. Find and present some data which shows relationship between environment and health.

Finally, you can conclude with some of your ideas and some of the steps taken by authorities.

About the second project you asked about “environmental awareness among different social strata’s”. Keep in mind the definition of social strata, how these sections of society are divided and what type of awareness campaign would convince them to take a step.

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