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Jithin Joys , asked a question
Subject: Physics , asked on 22/10/12

Prepare a project to investigate the relation between the ratio of output and input voltage

and number of turns in the secondary coil and primary coil of a self designed



kranav.sharma... , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 2/11/12

As this is a home assignment we suggest you try this yourself with differently rated transformers. Transformers would available at any good electrical shop. Not sure whether you would have to construct a transformer yourself or its just a theoretical exercise. Either way it would not be that hard as you would only need two copper wires to act as coils and an iron core.

 In case of any other query please do let us know.


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Mithali , added an answer, on 22/10/12
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Prashant K Moroliya , added an answer, on 22/10/12
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