prepare a speech onthe topic"india has a bright future"

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- India has a vast reserve of natural resources, the human resource in the country is also of great multitude.- Most of the urban population is literate, many are well educated and professionally qualified.

- Our nation is producing brilliant minds in the field of information technology, space research, medical advancement, rural development, defence strategy.

- Focus and direction is somewhat lacking, but with the awareness level of the public going higher and change in economic and trade policies of the governement ther is hope for the country to do even better.

- Th challenges of corruption and poor governance can be swept aside to give the country a bright future

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Indian development is on right track India is progressing.This is not the first time when we are hearing that India is theGlobal Future. You may term this as a sheer optimism or just aPRcampaign of the Indian governance. But if reports are analyzed meticulously, some distinctive developments can be discerned. Recent reports (also from premier research organizations) do confirm that Indian economy has come a long way and is on the right track of development. However, it must be accepted at the same time that rural India is still lagging and thanks to globalization, social polarization is on the rise and the differences between urban India and rural Bharat is getting more and more acute.What is India riding then? The vast country is depending a lot on latest worldwide technological developments and this can be found in the exponential growth of Indian software companies or the IT and ITES industries. In the last two decades some novel developments have taken place. There has been growth in the Indian economy, fast increase in literacy rate, empowerment (provided to women in particular), profusion of Engineering colleges and Universities both in urban and rural sectors. All these have helped India attain this stage. The basis of software management along with human resource management, truly speaking, was never so strong in the sphere of India.I have already stated that the rural India is lagging in lots of sectors. And the greatest perpetrator, in this context, has been the Indian governance. It has not been adopting apposite measures to develop the standard of transport, water supply together with the basic infrastructure. However, all these have failed to demoralize the fast expanding Indian private sector they have already started taking necessary steps to develop the infrastructure. It is also getting evident that the Indian governments are depending on them a lot for further developments.What we can hope to see is that a brawny public-private partnership lends India a hand to attain the next levels of development.

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do you really think so

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yes i do

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