prepare bank reconciliation statement from details given below and ascertain the balance as per Kewal's Cash books as on 31st March 2011

  1. pass book of account Number ₹ 1,532 shows an overdraft of ₹ 12,620 on 31st March 2011
  2. Cheque of ₹ 6,300 issued to creditor but not resented for payment
  3. cheques of ₹ 5,100 paid into bank was not entered in the cash book
  4. a divident of ₹ 2,500 paid direct to the bank had not been recorded in the cash book
  5. bank column of the the payment side of hte cashbook waqs of cash book overcast by ₹ 1,200
  6. a deposit of ₹15,000on March 31st, 2011 was not included in the bank pass book
  7. bank has wrongly debited Accont Number 1532 instead of Account Number 1523 with ₹ 4,000
  8. the bank has paid the annual subscription of ₹ 7,500 to the club on Kewal's standing order
  9. A cheque of ₹ 9,500 drawn on his Account Number 1,532 has been charged by bank to his Account Number 1,523
  10. Interest on Overdraft charged by bank was 1,680

(Ans : Overdraft balance as per Cash Book ₹ 9,140)the ans is as per my Book S C hand's V Wason Old edition provided compulsorily by my school

Dear Student, the solution to your query is here. 
Bank Reconciliation Statement
as on March 31, 2011
S. No. Particulars Details (Rs) Amount (Rs)
  Overdraft as per the Pass Book   12,620
  Cheque issued but not presented for payment 6,300  
  Cheque paid into Bank but not recorded in the Cash Book 5,100  
  Dividend paid directly to the Bank but not recorded in the Cash Book 2,500  
  Payment side of Cash Book over casted 1,200  
  Cheque wrongly charged to Account Number 1523 9,500 24,600
  Deposited into the bank not recorded in the Pass Book (15,000)  
  Wrongly debited by the bank (4,000)  
  Subscription paid by the bank on standing order (7,500)  
  Interest on overdraft charged by the Bank (1,680) (28,180)
  Credit balance as per Cash Book   9,040

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