Prepare imdex cards for any four metals and non-metals. The card should have information like name of the matal/non-metal, its physical properties, chemical properties and uses.


Name: Copper
Physical properties:
1) Good conductor of electricity
2) Good confuctor of heat.
3) Very ductile
Chemical properties
1) It produces green coloured rust on reaction with water, oxygen and carbon dioxide present in air. The rust contains copper hydroxide and copper carbonate.
2) It can be replaced from its salt solution by reactive metal. 
Fe + CuSO4 --> FeSO4 + Cu
It is used in electrical wires as it is good conductor of electricity and very ductile.

Name: Aluminium
Physical properties:
1) Good conductor of electricity.
2) High tensile strength.
3) Very malleable.
Chemical properties-
1) It react with base.
Aliminium + potassium hydroxide --> potassium aluminate + hydrogen
2) It react with acid.
2Al + 6HCl --> 2AlCl3 + 3H2
Aluminium foil, which is very light, is used to pack food, medicines etc. Aluminium is alsi used for makig wires and utensils.

Name: Magnesium
Physical properties:
1) It is very light, its density is two third of aluminium.
2) Very malleable.
Chemical properties:
1) React with oxygen:
2Mg + O2 --> 2MgO
2) React with acid.
Mg + H2SO4 --> MgSO4 + H2
Magnesium burns in air with a dazzline white light when ignited. Therefore it is used in fireworks.

Name: Gold
Physical properties-
1) They are very lusturous.
2) Very malleable.
3) Very ductile.
Chemical properties:
It is non reactive metal. Do not react with acid, base or air. Thus it is called noble metal.
It is used for making jewellery.

Non metals:

Name: Carbon
Physical properties:
1) Exists in solid state
2) bad condutor of heat.
Chemical properties:
1) Reacts with oxygen:
C + O2 --> CO2
2) Reacts with water
C + H2O --> CO + H2
Diamond is used as gem stone. Graphite is used as lubricant.

Name: Sulphur
Physical properties:
1) It exists as solid.
2) Non sonorous
Chemical properties 
1) It react with oxygen
S + O2 --> SO2
2) Its oxides are acidic in nature. When suphur dioxide react with water forms suphurous acid.
SO2 + H2O --> H2SO3
It is used in manufacture of dyes, matches, fireweorks and gun powder.

Name: Chlorine
Physical properties
1) It exists as gas under ordinary conditions.
Chemical properties
1) Displacement reaction:
Cl2 + 2NaBr --> 2NaCl + Br2
2) It reacts with water in presence of sunlight or heat.
2Cl2 + 2H2O --> 4HCl + O2
It is used for manufacture of many plastics, polyvinyl chloride. It is used to disinfect water as it kills gemrs.

Name: oxygen
Physical properties
1) It exists as gas.
Chemical properties:
Above reactions involoving oxygen as reactants can be used to write chemical properties on index card.
It is most important non-metal as it is required for respiration. All combustion processes need oxygen.

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