Presence of mind and intelligence are more powerful than a Gun. How far is it true in the case of Ausable, the secret agent?

Solution :-

The given statement is accurate in the context of the chapter ' The Midnight Visitor'. Max was waiting in Ausable's room to steal secret government papers concerning some new missiles from Ausable. He was carrying a gun and had Ausable at his mercy. However, Ausable was not perturbed by the situation. He was clever and witty. He concocted a story about the presence of a balcony outside the window of his room. When he heard a knock on the door, he made Max believed that the police had arrived at the gates. Max tried to escape by jumping out of the window of Ausable's room, hoping to land on the balcony. However, there was no balcony, and thus, he was killed. Therefore despite having the gun, Max was defeated by Ausable's wit and intelligence. 

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