Prevention is better than cure. Justify the statement, keeping in view of COVID-19.
What steps are being taken in the field of science for cure
against COVID-19 virus?
Note: Paste pictures wherever required.
You are assessed on Organization of facts, Neatness and

Dear Student,

Such questions are meant to enhance our creativity skills. Hence, they should be attempted on your own. However, I'm adding some points to help you with the task given to you.

Given below are few points that you can include in your activity. 

1. The Science fraternity is working endlessly in order to find a vaccine for the treatment and prevention of Coronavirus. 
2. Research institutes all over the world are conducting various research for the same. Currently, clinical trials of several drugs have also begun. 
3. Other research institutes are also creating effective and budget friendly PPE kits and masks. They have also made devices that help in the sanitisation process using UV radiations. 

Also, as responsible citizens we can also follow certain rules to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. 
  • Stay home, don't roam! Watch your health, distance death.
  • Wash your hands, keep them clean.
  • Your duty today to the society, will allow you to live in that society tomorrow.

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