Previously, a student had asked a question and I replied to it. But after me, an expert cleared her doubts and I saw many of them were wrong, maybe due to misunderstandings or typing errors. Question number 20,21 and 23 are the ones I noticed. The correct answers are written below.

Dear student,
20. Thedirector asked the  young applicant for the job if that was the first time he has applied for a manager's post.
21. The people exclaimed that Bruce was the king of Scotland again.
23.Dr. Prasad asked his patient is he was felling better.


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These are the CORRECT answers. Please note, the answer I pinned was by an Expert.

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The expert did nothing but put in a said 'that', which should've been told in most of the cases and didn't even change the 'if' sentenced to reported speech. They were written as they already were. To clarify, this is just for the student's benefit and wrong answers will mislead her.
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These are the questions, for context.

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