PROBLEM SOLVING ASSIGNMENT MATHEMATICS CLASS VIIIQ1. A Survey was conducted among 1200 people of Delhi speaking different languages, which is shown in the given figure. Calculate the following as per given figure.a) Number of people speaking Hindi is:(i) 150(ii) 45(iii) 500(iv) 60b). How many people speak Punjabi?(i) 150(ii) 45(iii) 90(iv) 300c) How many people speak Hindi and Tamil?(i) 180(ii) 600(iii) 280(iv) 380d) The difference between number of people speaking English and Malayalam is:(i) 25(ii) 50(iii) 76(iv) 67Q2 Rachna has 17 spoons, 3 serving spoons, 22 quarter plates, 25 full plates, 11forks, 2 lighters and 42 boxes in her kitchen. Some of these boxes contain spices, 7 boxes contain pulses and 4 boxes contain rice. Two boxes have ghee and three boxes have oil in them. In this way Rachnas kitchen is full of variety of things.On the basis of your reading, answer the questions given below:a) How many utensils are there in Rachnas kitchen?(i) 78(ii) 87(iii) 68(iv) 86b) What percentage of boxes of pulses is there in the kitchen?(i) 17/3(ii) 7(iii) 11(iv) 50/3c) What is the ratio of rice boxes to the remaining boxes in the kitchen?(i) 3:19(ii) 2:21(iii) 5:21(iv) 2:19d) How many boxes of pulses are more than the rice boxes in the kitchen?(i) 7(ii) 3(iii) 4(iv) 11Q3 In the word ZEBRA Z stands for 26, E for 5, B for 5, R for 18 and A for 1. Find out the numbers which stand for the following letters:a) H : (i) 6 (ii) 8 (iii) 4 (iv) 10b) K : (i) 9 (ii) 10 (iii) 11 (iv) 12c) W : (i) 26 (ii) 24 (iii) 21 (iv) 23d) T : (i) 19 (ii) 20 (iii) 21 (iv) 22Q4. Manav is facing west. He turns 45 in the anti-clock-wise direction and then 180 in the clockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?a) Northb) North-Eastc) Eastd) South EastQ5. Pratibha is standing facing west. If she turns left and walks 50 m and again turns left, which direction is she facing now?a) Northb) Eastc) Southd) WestQ6. Select the related word from the given alternatives:- Perimeter: Metre:: ________________ : Square metresa) Circumferenceb) Areac) Volumed) DiagonalQ7 If 9: 81 :: 11: y then y is:a) 101b) 111c) 121d) 110Q8. Arrange the following in ascending order a. 7/9 b.77/100 c. 10/13 d. 11/14 e. 13/17 A. e, c, b, a, dB. b, c, d, e, aC. c, e, d, a, bD. a, b, c, d, eQ9. The average of 10 numbers is 7. If each number is multiplied by 12, then average of new set of numbers is:
  1. 84
  2. 7
  3. 19
  4. 80
Q10. Rams salary was decreased by 25% and subsequently increased by 25%. He has a net salary reduction of
  1. 62.5%
  2. 6.25%
  3. 0.625%
  4. none of the above
Q11. In a month, a newspaper vendor delivers the morning paper for 26 days for which he charges Rs. 130. If over the past two months the vendor delivers the paper 5 days less than his usual quota of days, how much will the newspaper bill amount to?
  1. Rs. 215
  2. Rs. 228
  3. Rs. 235
  4. Rs. 236
Q12. If A is 1/3 of B and B is ½ of C, then A: B: C is:
  1. 1:3:6
  2. 2:3:6
  3. 3:2:6
  4. none of the above
Q13. An article is marked for sale at Rs. 275. The shopkeeper allows a discount of 5% on the marked price and still earns a profit of 4.5%. What did the shopkeeper get for the article?a. Rs. 225 b. Rs. 250 c. Rs. 200 d. None of the aboveQ14. Sanjay marks his goods 25% above cost price but allows 12.5% discount for cash payment. If he sells the article for Rs. 875 on cash payment, then the cost price of the article is:a. Rs. 850 b. Rs. 900 c. Rs. 800 d. Rs. 950Q15. If the cost price of 24 articles is equal to the selling price of 18 articles, then the gain per cent is:a. 33% b. 33 1/3 % c. 34% d. 34 1/3 %Q16. A sum of money which doubles itself in 10 years, will add half of itself at the same interest rate ina. 5 years b. 2 ½ years c. 1 years d. None of the aboveQ17. A sum of Rs. 1200 is lent, to be paid in 5 annual instalments of Rs. 264 each. The rate percent per annum isa. 6% b. 8% c. 2% d. 4%Q18. Ramesh and Sushil can finish a piece of work in 20 days and 25 days respectively. They both work together for 5 days and then Sushil goes away. In how many days will Ramesh complete the remaining work?a. 8 days b. 9 days c. 10 days d. 11 daysQ19 If A, B and C together can finish a piece of work in 4 days .If A alone can do the same work in 12 days and B in 18 days , then C alone can do it ina. 21 days b. 15 days c. 12 days d. 9 daysQ20. A can do half of a certain work in 70 days and B can do one third of the same in 35 days. They together will do the whole work ina. 420 days b. 120 days c. 105 days d. 60 daysQ21. When 1 is added to both x and y, their ratio becomes 1:2. When 5 is subtracted from each of them, their ratio becomes 5:11.The values of x and y are:a. 35,71 b. 30,70 c. 31,72 d. None of theseQ22. In the following question the mathematical numbers follow a certain pattern. Discover the pattern and tick the correct choice- 2+2, 6+3, 12+4, 20+5, 30+6,..?
  1. 40+7
  2. 40+8
  3. 42+7
  4. 45+7
Q23. The sum of the squares of three numbers, which are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4, is 725. The numbers are:
  1. 10,15,20 b) 15,20 , 25 c) 20,25,30 d) 25,30,35
Q24. A triangle and a parallelogram are constructed on the same base such that their areas are equal. If the altitude of the parallelogram is 100m, then the altitude of the triangle is
  1. 100 m b) 200 m c) 300 m d) 400m
Q25. A cylindrical rod of iron whose height is four times its radius is melted and cast into spherical balls of the same radius. Number of balls formed is
  1. 4 b) 12 c) 16 d) 20
Q26. In the given figure if ∟BAC = 72˚ and AB = AC, then ∟ACD = --------
  1. 54˚ (ii) 126˚ (iii)136˚ (iv) 108˚
Q27 Sum of exterior angles of a triangle is: (i) 270˚ (ii) 306˚ (iii) 630˚ (iv) 360˚Q28. If DC ║ AB, then values of x and y are :(i) (45˚, 25˚)(ii) (25˚, 65˚)(iii) (30˚, 45˚)(iv) (45˚, 30˚) Q29. A bag contains 7 red balls, 6 green balls, 4 black balls. A ball is drawn randomly from this bag. The probability of getting a white ball is:(i) 7/17 (ii) 6/17 (iii) 4/17 (iv) 0Q30. The area of an equilateral triangle of side 4 cm is:
  1. 4√3 cm (ii) 4√3 cm2 (iii) 3√4 cm2 (iv) 6cm

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Answer4=Manav is facing west then is turns 45° anticlockwiseSo now he is facing in west-south directionThen he turns 180° so now he is facing north-east directionOption b is correctAnswer7=9:81::11:y981=11ySo y=11×819=9×11=99Here is no right optionKindly ask question in a different thread 

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