Procedure of mendels experiment??

1) selection of parents - step 1
1. Mendel started his experiment by considering only one pair of contrasting character at a time.
2) he selected two pea plants as parent with one pair of contrasting character i.e. tall and dwarf.
3) he obtained the parents in pure condition by selfing them for three or more generation.
4) one pair of plant is used as male parent and other as female parent.
5) emasculation is done in case of female parent so as to avoid self pollination.
6) the emasculation flower were covered with paper or polythene bags i.e. bagging in order to avoid contamination from foreign pollens.
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3 important steps that are applicable in all mendelian crosses-
Step 1- Selection of parents. It is assured that the parent which you consider as dominant breeds pure. So, interbreeding is done for 3 generations until it is assured that the dominant parent breeds pure.
Step 2- Artificial crossing and breeding F1 generation. Artificial crossing is carried out to prevent interbreeding. It involves emasculation, bagging and tagging. The F1 generation is then bought up and their seeds are collected.
Step 3 - Breeding of F2 generation. The same process as that of F1 generation is carried out to raise the F2 generation.
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