Professor Domnick Ignatious Fernandes, an economist has presented a report on
backward areas stating that the backward regions have ample opportunities of their economic development if proper industries are established by the entrepreneurs
seeing the availability of local resources. The unskilled and uneducated workforce can be employed in farming, mining, lumbering industries. 

 The villagers of such areas can have cattle breeding farms and poultry farms as an additional source of income other than farming. The roads, dams, etc can be constructed in such areas to develop infrastructure. Banking, Warehousing, Transportation, Communication, etc be developed adequately to support the rapid industrialization in such areas.
(a) Identify the different types of industries mentioned here, by quoting the lines where their example are given. 
(b) Explain different types of secondary industries with suitable examples. 

Dear student,

1) i) Primary Industry: The unskilled........................lumbering industries,

ii) Secondary Industry: The roads..................infrastructure.

iii) Tertiary Industry: such areas.

2) Different types of secondary industries are:

i) Manufacturing industries: These industries process the raw material, semi-finished goods and convert them into finished products. For example- cotton, sugar industry.

ii) Construction Industries: these are concerned with the construction and development of infrastructure as roads, buildings etc.


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