project on mendelian disorders for about 15 pages. Pls tell me what all to cover

Dear Student 
Men​​​​delian disorders is different types of genetic disorder in humans.These genetic disorders are mainly caused by changes or alterations in single gene or due to abnormalities in the genome. These are rare disorders.These conditions are present since the child birth.
Types of Mendelian disorders are: 
Autosomal dominant 
Autosomal recessive 
Sex linked dominant 
Sex linked recessive

You can describe about all the types.
Then write the examples of Mendelian disorders.
Ex: Sickle cell Anaemia 
         Tay Sachs disease
          Cystic fibrosis.
Describe atleat five Mendelian disorders.How it is caused.Show how it is inherited by pedigree chat.

Hope this will help.


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