Proof Amanda a rebel heroine


Amanda seems to be this imaginative girl who feels hemmed in by her present reality, she is this daydreamer who would want nothing more than to just be rather adhere to a code of conduct for proper little girls. The poem alternates between Amanda getting scolded for various things that she doesn't do and then Amanda's own interjections which are not heard but said silently. She bites her nails, hunches her shoulders, slouches while sitting, doesn't finish her homework, leaves the room untidy, forgets to clean her shoes, eats a chocolate when she is not supposed to be and forgets that she has acne so doesn't take care of herself. She is after all a child and wants to enjoy her life not doing these everyday mundane things. She wants to do things when she would like to and not when she is told to and hence her parents possibly have a tough time with her. But she has this inner vivacity and lives a rich life where she can be sole inhabitant, mermaid-like in an emerald sea which is languid and just lazes around. She imagines herself as an orphan roaming the street because she is exasperated with all the lessons in proper behaviour that are thrown at her all the time. She feels that silence is golden and tastes the sweetness of freedom where she is not told to do things. Amanda's free spirit seems to be struggling in the tussle between her free will and the rules of proper social conduct, it remains to be seen if her creative soul will triumph in freedom.

All these points portraits that Amanda was a rebel.

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