Provide an elaborative and reasonable justification for the below given sentence:
  • It is never too late to have a happy childhood.

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Childhood is ideally a time to be carefree, be showered with love and affection and be looked after!
- A happy childhood forms the basis of a person's personality and positive outlook in life.
- Some children are not fortunate enough to have a stable and happy childhood.
- The reasons can be many: death of a parent, abusive adults, extreme poverty, burden of family responsibilities.
- But, even under extreme circumstances, childhood can be made enjoyable: one does not need fancy clothes and toys to enjoy.
- Simple pleasures of life: playing in the mud with paper boats, gathering pebbles and driving imaginary cars can give as much pleasure, perhaps more, than a visit to Disneyland.
- The only thing required by children is a positive attitude and caring adults: children are physically dependent in their initial years.


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