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The advance and delayed sunrise and sunset are one of the live examples of atmospheric refraction. The Sun is visible to us two minutes before the sunrise (advance sunrise) and two minutes after the Sunset (delayed sunset), because of the bending of the light due to atmospheric refraction. The light from the Sun got refracted by the atmospheric layers and reaches the observer. This causes the observer to think that the light is coming straight from the Sun.

This is due to the refraction of light coming from the sun.Because when light comes from the sun it generally travel from rarer medium to denser medium i.e., it travels from space[vacuum] to the earth's atmosphere[different densities of air]. 

Advanced sunrise:- it is due to that when the sun is below the horizon at that time the light from the sun enters to earth's atmosphere from space at get refracted away from the normal line of sun and it causes advanced sunrise.

Delayed sunset:- it is due to the reason that when the sun goes below the horizon at that time the sun's light passes from space to earth's atmosphere and it again get refracted from the normal line of the sun and it causes the delayed sunset.

Hence, the total duration of the day time is increased by 4 mins (2 min for early sunrise and 2 min for delayed sunset). Option 2


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Option B increased by 4 min
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