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Nidhi Gusain , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 31/8/13

provide some imp ques of the story of my life

Ishika Mondal , added an answer, on 1/9/13
629 helpful votes in English

1) Describe the family background of Helen Keller.

2) What kind of child was Helen before her illness?

3) What kind of illness caught Helen? What type of exerience was it for the child?

4) How was Helen able to cope with her disabilities in the begining?

5) Who were Helen's childhood companions? How did helen enjoyed their company?

6)Describe Helen's journey to Baltimore.

7) Who was Anne Mansfield Sullivan? How did she start educating Helen?

8) How did Helen learn that nature could be unkind?

9) What lessons about nature did Helen learn from her teacher?

10) Describe Helen's long process of learning.

11) How did Helen learn ot read?

12) Where did Helen receive her lessons?

13) How did Helen study zoology botany?

14) In what way was the first Christmas after Miss Sullivan's arrival signicant for Helen?

15) What delighted Helen during her first visit to Boston?

Hope this helps......Happy to help

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Ishika Mondal , added an answer, on 4/9/13
629 helpful votes in English

u r welcome

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Nidhi Gusain , added an answer, on 3/9/13

thanxxxx a lot

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