provision of employment opportunites is the only stable solution to the problem of poverty .do you agree with this statement ?give reason.

Yes, provision of adequate employment measures is one of the most stale measures for poverty alleviation. While implementation of specific plans and programmes may help in the upliftment of poor in the short run, it is only through employment opportunities that the income earning capacities of the people can be enhanced and lead to alleviation of poverty in the long-run. For this, India being a labour abundant country, one of measures to increase employment can be through the adoption of labour intensive techniques of production. Similarly, in rural areas cottage and small scale industries must be encouraged. Self- employment must be encouraged in both the rural areas and urban areas. Self-employed persons should be provided with such facilities as credit, marketing, transportation, technical training, etc. Besides, to improve the employment in the country, it is necessary to make the education system more job-oriented, so that people have the practical knowledge and skill required for gainful employment. A reduction in the unemployment through these measures will help in the reduction of poverty.

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