Public Distribution System?(PDS) is an Indian food security system. Established by the Government of India under Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution and are managed jointly by state governments in India, it distributes subsidized food and non-food items to India?s poor. This scheme was launched in India on June 1947. KINDLY READ THIS PARAGRAPH AND ANS MY DOUBTS--- MERITNATION EXPERTS FROM THE AVOVE PARAGRAPH I NEED DEFINATION OF PDS SYSTEM I NEED MEANING OF MINISTRY ,MEANING OF CONSUMER AFFAIR .MEANING OF SUBSIDIZED FOOD . I NEED THESE TERMS MEANING FROM THE ABOVE DEFINATION ??

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PDS: public distribution system is a network of government shops where goods i.e as food or non food items ( wheat, rice, pulses, keroscene oil tec) is provided to the public at a low rate. for example : ration shops
meaning of subsidised food: when food is provided at a concessional rate or less then a market rate, that food is known as subsidised food. In ration shops food is given to the public at a low rate.
meaning of ministry: a government department which is headed by ministers.
meaning of consumer affair: it is a system which is formed to prevent the interest of the consumer. or provide safeguard to the consumer. so, that no one can mislead the consumer by charging higher price for the commodities or by selling poor quality product to the consumer.

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