Puma Filling Station sells gasoline and has a car wash. Fees for the car wash are K40.00 with a gasoline purchase of K200.00 or more and K70.00 otherwise. Three kinds of gasoline are available: regular at K16.25, unleaded at K 17.63, and super unleaded at K 19.50 per litter. You are required to write a program that prints a statement for a customer. Input consists of number of litters purchased, kind of gasoline purchased (R, U, S, or for no purchase, N), and car wash desired (Y or N).? Develop a Pseudocode and a structure chart for the service station problem.

Given two integers, A and B, A is a divisor of B if B % A = 0. Write a complete program that reads two positive integers A and B and then, if A is a divisor of B, do the following: print A, print B, print the result of B divided by A. You are required to include a pre-test condition to check whether B >= A. If A > B, then you should swap the two integers, such that the value in A should be placed in B and that of B should be placed in A. A should be a divisor of B.

You have been contracted to design a system for a smart car. The company installed four laser radars on the car?s corners to use as sensors, for the car to be able to avoid collisions at the rear, and the front.?

Using a flowchart, show the algorithm for the car collision avoidance system.

Using any recommended programming language of your choice, write a source code for the car collision avoidance system.

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