Punctuate these all

Punctuate these all 5. learn some manners said the teacher angrily 7, We are going to the movie said the children 8. Can I borrow your scooty asked Ramya g. No need to worry said Monica consoling her friend 10. All of you stand in a straight line ordered the captain

6."Learn some more manners"said the teacher angrily.
7."We are going to the movie"said the teacher.
8."Can I borrow your scooty"asked Ramaya.
9."No need to worry"said Monika consoling her friend.
10.'All of you stand in a straight line' ordered the captain.
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"Can I borrow your scooty?", asked Ramaya.
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"Learn some manners",said the teacher angril.
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"All of you stand in a straight line",ordered the captain.
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