Punctuate these passages and use capital letters wherever required:-

look said Lucy suddenly what's that
a stream shouted the others and tired as they were they raced
to the freshwater
now said edmund when they had drunk their fill what about
those sandwiches
oh hadn't we better save them said Susan we may need them
far worse later on
i do wish said lucy now that we're not thirsty we could get
some food as well
well then said peter let's have those sandwiches what's the
use of saving them till they go bad

Dear Student,
Given below is a part of the passage. Kindly do the rest on your own or post it in a separate thread.

"Look", Lucy said, "what's that?"
"A stream", shouted the others and tired as they were, they raced to the freshwater.
"Now", said Edmund, when they had drunk their fill, "what about the sandwiches?"

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