Put the following in Indirect Speech:

1. 'What a rare article milk is, to be sure, in London!'" said Mr. Squeers with a sigh.

2. ' Ah me!' exclaimed the Queen,'What a rash and bloody deed you have done!'

3. He said, " How cruel of him!"

4. He said, 'What a pity you did not come!'

5. He said,'Alas! our foes are too strong.'

1. Mr Squeers exclaimed with a sigh that milk was surely a rare article in London.
2. The Queen exclaimed with anguish that he had done a rash and bloody deed.
3. He exclaimed in protest that it was cruel of him.
4. He said it was a pity that I did not go.
5. He exclaimed sadly that their foes were too strong.

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