put the verbs in brackets into the gaps to form conditional sentence type 1 and type11
​1. if we ----------(to hurry), we ---------(to catch) the bus.(type11)
2. if it (to rain), nina --------(to take) an umbrella with her.(type II)
3. if Rita --------(to forget) her homework, the teacher ------(to give) her a low mark. (type I)
4. if they -------(to have) enough money, they ---------(to buy) a new car. (type II)
5. if you ---------(to wear) sandals in the mountains, you-------(to slip) on the rockd. (type I)

1. If we hurried, we would catch the bus.
2. If it rained, Nina would take an umbrella with her.
3. If Rita forgets her homework, the teacher will give her low marks.
4. If they had enough money, they would buy a new car.
5. If you wear sandals in the mountains, you will slip on the rocks.

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