Q.1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words
a) The sports day went __ well this year.
b) Fire fighters had to break the door __ to reach the people trapped inside the house.
c) The army stood ___ in case of trouble.
d) The marriage party has been put ___ .

Q.2. Do as directed
i) He decided to walk instead of taking the bus. ( Begin with : Rather than)
ii) If you had not helped me me, I would would have been ruined.( Begin with : But)
iii) His speechwas receivedwell by the audience.( use : went down)
iv) He had not been invited otherwise he would have come.( Begin with : Had)
v) Eva thought that the examination would be held latter.( Begin with : Eva was)
vi) Although Joe is tall he is not strong.( Begin with : Tall as)


a. off

b. down

3. by

d. up  (the given sentence is incomplete: The marriage party has been put up at the hall.)

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