Q-1- Mention any two exceptions to the Right of Equality?Q-2-Mention any two limitations of freedom of speech andexpression?Q-3-Mention any three abuses which have been declared

illegal under right against exploitation?

As per Indian constitution the right to equality does not only mean giving everyone the same treatment, rather right to equality means giving everyone an equal opportunity to achieve whatever one is capable of. There are two such exceptions mentioned in the constitution:
  1. Right against social discrimination: The constitution strictly forbids the practice of untouchability in any form. Such practice denies the socially weaker section of the society an interaction with others or access to public places as equal citizens. So the Constitution made untouchability a punishable offence.
  1. Right to reservation: The Government of India has provided reservations for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. These reservations are not considered as against the right to equality because they provide special treatment to people belonging to these castes in order to provide them equal opportunity.
 Q-2- Mention any two limitations of freedom of speech and expression?
      Limitations to the right to freedom of speech and expression can be listed as:
  1. One cannot exercise his/her freedom in such a manner that violates others’ right to freedom.
  2. Freedom of speech and expression does not give permission to create public nuisance or disorder.
  3. These rights should be exercised in such a manner that no one should get injured in the process.
  4. Freedom is a license limited to do only constructive activity and not destructive activities.

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1- the state may make any special provision for women and children.

the state may reserve some posts for members of backward class.

2. freedom of speech and expression has some limitations:

it shall not be used to incite people to rebel against the government

it shall not be used to instigate people against one another.

3. forced labour or begar

child labour

human trafficking

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